Sunday, October 31


Sunday, October 31 0
I guess its a nice number to end things. Maybe 123 would be better... or not.
I've decided to open up a tumblr this time. Why? I don't know honestly.
Maybe i felt like i've needed somewhere else to run to and play around.

I've decided to see this old blog again just because i don't wanna forget.
I know I have very bad memory, even if i did try hard to remember things
just slip by like time. You wish it'll stay but you can't.

Life's a mystery and i'm sure you know it

Tuesday, May 11

Invisible Curse

Tuesday, May 11 0
Tis is the curse of beauty,
to be judged skin deep.
To be played like a puppet
under the hands of an expert
actor, under the hands of
lust and the doll only to be
blind, deaf and dumb by
the actor.

Tis is the curse of wealth,
to be judged a plenty of things.
To be known of his wealth
and to be close off with hungry
alligators that bite off the gold
and spitting out the love, that is
act out and made out. Pitifully.

Tis is the curse of the kind heart,
to only be manipulated of them black hearts.
To be known as a modern slave
who follows the master's deeds
without question nor hesitation
and only blind by the grateful words
that means dust and sands.

Tis is the curse of being good,
Tis is the invisible curse.

Sunday, May 2

You Are

Sunday, May 2 0
honey lover
by Rachel Strobridge

you are the soothing hum
the grass stains on my jeans
the summer in my hair
the color in my cheeks
you are the constant wave
beating against my heart
the warm honey on my lips
the paint on my nails
you are the perfect dance
and a moonlit ride
the sticky vanilla cream
you are the flower in my palm
the reason I smile
the chills down my spine
you are more than you'll ever know
you are the love of my life

taken from

Ahh i love this petty poet.
How wonderful love is

Saturday, May 1

Right, Where Did We End It?

Saturday, May 1 0
So there's this little spot in my heart that feels all weird.
I wonder if i'm making that feeling up. I mean, It's
at my heart, how can an emotion affect my heart?
Questions in need of answers that leads to more questions.
Questions never ends, but answers are.
500 Questions to one answer, kinda unfair to me.

Why do you think? The brain
Why do you feel? The brain
Why do you remember? The brain
Why do you forget? The brain
Meh, Questions questions. A curse that hangs around man kind
since the beginning of time. We try to lift up the curse with answers
that need work and the curse comes lie on us again.
Ahh how wonderful the world is as the questions keep coming and
the answers keeps stopping.
Like the moon who keeps meeting the sun after hiding behind earth.
....Ok that maybe didnt make sense... but whatever.

My will might be dying, though you can't see it out on my body,
rest assure my soul is hurting and healing fast like friggin wolverine.
When the world keeps fucking you up,
you bring it down with strength of not the body, but the heart.
If life wasn't hard, it wasn't worth it.

Goodbye citizens of the world.
You have been a wonderful crowd, a beautiful crowd.

Sunday, March 28

So Take A Look At Me Now

Sunday, March 28 0
There's just... urm... err.... mm......

Wednesday, March 24

List Of Awesome

Wednesday, March 24 0
Awesome things you guys should have thought of doing but never did (and probably never thought of doing it and this actually an attempt for the longest blog post title in the history of mankind which i hope it will be although i know it won't be recognize but that's ok. At least i know i tried. Awesome)

  1. Stare at the sky while lying on wet grass
  2. Slide on your belly like a penguin at the bowling alley
  3. Run around your house
  4. Drink up a whole bottle under 30 second
  5. Skip, not walk
  6. High 5 everyone, anytime. Even those you don't know
  7. Give cookies to everyone
  8. Free hugs
  9. Walk around blind folded with a walking stick
  10. Hide under tables when trouble arises
  11. Celebrate along with other's celebration
  12. Scream out loud (especially in cafes)
  13. Sing out load (especially in libraries)
  14. Dance in the public (especially on the road)
  15. Pluck a pretty flower beside the street
  16. Breathe in with all your heart
  17. Smile to security guards
  18. Say thank you and smile to whoever that helped you (including cashiers who help you put your stuffs into the plastic bag)
  19. Make funny faces
  20. Enjoy life, because it only crosses you once
  21. Remember number 20
  22. Be yourself, cause everyone else is taken
  23. Remember number 22
  24. Live like you're dying, cause you really are dying with every second
  25. Remember number 25
  26. Keep wondering
  27. Remember number 26
  28. Don't be scared, just do it
  29. Remember number 28
  30. Lists cannot list you out

Wednesday, March 17


Wednesday, March 17 1
I laf you, Cathryn :D :D many many wubs for you! <3
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